Ass Galaxy

by Orion Pax

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released June 22, 2011



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Orion Pax St Louis, Missouri

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Track Name: Awarewolf

when i woke i could smell the stench and i know it was your weakness
looking down on everything that you see
not finding worth in a thing and it's such a shame
there is so much potential but all you do is place blame
it's so easy to judge when you did nothing to contribute on your own
do you judge what know or what you once knew
i plan to combat your negative mindset
i'll show you the worth of a friend


breathe in now because it could take forever
to say if we will coincide with what we've imagined
for the rest of our lives and our existence
we have never wanted to listen carefully
to what's echoing in the distance
it's the sound of your words choking
asleep for days we dream for months but it seems like seconds
and this is what i pictured for the next phase there is so much potential
i try to see eye to eye but all you do is place blame
i always seem to be drawn back to this final chapter on what makes men evil
when i read books i read the last page first so that if i die before i finsh i know how it ends
could it have been what we should not have read?
Track Name: And then I tricked her...
Track Name: The Spectacle and The Charlatan

i must not truly know you because every time i see you
i see a different person that is always slightly confused about who they are
and who they want to be working so hard to be something else
do you ever miss who you were or even remember what made you unique
i want no part of your fake personality
i would rather hate you for who you are than like you for who your not
cause then at least it would be real


what i've seen isn't real you disguise youself with the slight of hand
how did we get here from our supersticious past with such malicious intent
do we make eye contact the very first time we shake hands
or do we keep them to the ground never letting in
be who you already are not you what think i want you to be
you act as if you're dying inside
pay no attention to the man behind the mirror
he's a reflection of what i once was
i'm sorry if we never connected on a superficial level
i'm in it for more than the show