by Orion Pax

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released June 6, 2010



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Orion Pax St Louis, Missouri

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Track Name: playing hide and seek with meteors

we didn't take the time to see what is
blinding our sight enough to distort our perceptions
we'll get what we earned as our just reward
taking punishment for a failed attempt
slow it down please


we're not as adventurous as we used to be
the stars in our eyes and the moon at our feet
ready to be a pioneer in these dark times
and wishing to see the light in the darkness
what happened to the romantic portrayal of weightlessness
this blissfulness is a dream in which we reside
if we die with no air may we breathe long enough to see
these blinding lights that make it impossible to see
how they roll the bureaucratic dice
they don't send soldiers where they're not needed
it's their advice that's keeping you grounded
Track Name: just because we can't sing doesn't mean our voices shouldn't be heard

you came to your own conclusion again
why don't you just listen
i wish that you weren't so hard on yourself
you don't need to do that
even the distance can't break this bond
it tries but it cannot
though things have changed were still friends
i miss those times always


look at it this way
you can either swallow the pill or take the spill
all things considered i'll choose the latter
isn't it better to not sell yourself down the river
it's like not knowing where to begin
when the end is the only thing that is clear
if we listen may they stay and finally feel accomplished
i'll carry everything even if it's not mine to share
what would you know about emptiness
when your friends are always there
i remember what was said
cancer was our only mistake
i can't relate to your idea
that every day is a new day
for once i'm glad i stood up for myself
just wanted a voice of my own
wanted to walk on my own
wanted a place of my own
wanted to walk on my own
it's not like i wanted to you to perish